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Most of the silk scarves we sell on our site are made with mainly silk twill weave, unless stated otherwise. The weave refers to the way that the fibers of the silk are put together to make the garment.

satin weave will give the fabric a shimmer appearance on the surface, but dull on the inside or back. A satin weave can make the scarf more slippery, giving it a beautiful draping effect.

twill weave can be identified by the tiny diagonal lines that appear on the surface when looked at closely. This weave makes the fabric stronger, with a dull appearance. The twill weave is not as slippery and is more structured, making it easy to shape as desired. Soils and stains are also less noticeable on this type of weave.

When cared for properly, silk scarves can outlast scarves made of other fabrics such as polyester. However, since silk is delicate, it should be handled with care.


Unless the scarf becomes soiled, a silk scarf can be worn many times before needing to be washed. We recommend that you dry clean your silk scarves for the best result. Alternatively, you can hand-wash your silk scarves.This can be done in cold or lukewarm water using a very small amount of mild detergent dissolved in the water. Keep the temperature of the water the same throughout the wash and rinse, and do not soak the scarf as this may cause the dye to fade. Let the scarf air dry. 

DO NOT machine wash your silk scarves. NEVER put your silk scarves in the dryer as this may damage the fabric.


Iron your silk scarf on the reverse side, and on the lowest setting. Most irons have a "silk" setting, so you can use that. Silk should be ironed while still damp. If it is dry, spray water on it with a spritzer bottle first. Do not use steam as this can leave watermarks.

Wearing and Storing: 

When wearing your silk scarves, do not use a safety pin as it may damage the fabric. It is best to you a very thin straight pin (one with a large head will keep it from going through the fabric).  Store your silk scarves in a safe place where they will not be damaged. Inside a cotton pillowcase or other breathable fabric is a good idea; do not store in plastic. Since silk is susceptible to moths and other insects, be sure to store moth balls with it.  Some women who wear their silk scarves often like to hang them in a safe place in the house, such as pinned to a curtain. Silk can wrinkle very easily, so don't leave it sitting unfolded or in the laundry hamper.

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